SteriBin Single

SteriBin Single

  • Perfect for use in hospitals, health centres and nursing homes.
  • Variety of waste streams available for markered recycling.
  • Wide but shallow foot print to allow close sitting against walls and narrow corridors.
  • Quiet, heavy duty pedal for hygienic hands free use.
  • Lid closes into tight recess to help contain odours.
  • Features a loose fitting drip tray which will collect liquid and other waste should a bag leak.
  • Mould-in graphic labels, no sticky edges where bacteria can build up.
  • Front moulded handle and front non-marking wheels for easy manouevre.
  • Tilting sack frame, one movement for very quick and safe bin maintenance.
  • Open back for ease of access when servicing the bin, although the front and sides are covered to improve aesthetic appeal and to offer bag protection.
  • Minimal components used which allows for the bin to be completely stripped down for deep cleaning in less than 8 minutes,
  • Optional extras available: plastic liner, antimicrobial additive.


Dimensions: w: 600mm, h: 970mm, d: 370mm

Capacity: 90 litres

Bag Sizes: Standard Single Sack 18" x 29" x 39"


Product Code: SteriBin90
Price: £199.50

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