Soho Consulting are now able to offer European Export of any Rubbermaid product featured in the UK and EU catalogue, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to order. Below are the conditions and requirements for European sales.


  1. Minimum quantities and Pack quantities apply - £1100 (minimum)
  2. Payment is required in advance of supply
  3. Pack Quantities must be purchased – no split packs
  4. Prices are currently in UK Pounds
  5. Payment must be by BACS prior to picking and shipping

Shipping Costs
  1. £30.00

Container Orders

We can supply container orders where the volumes are great enough, please call if you have large orders to fulfill internationally. Please note payment is required in advance of container orders being picked and supplied. Also be aware container orders take 8 – 12 weeks to be delivered.

International Shipments

We can also ship to other countries and for example have supplied goods to Cyprus, The Congo and Tanzania.

Please call 0208 394 2088 to speak to our export team.

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