Recycling Bin Three Compartment Slim Jim Starter Pack



Rubbermaid Three Stream Slim Jim Starter Pack (1876490)

The Rubbermaid Three Stream Slim Jim Starter Pack is the perfect way to to start recycling the most common streams of recyclable waste. Each pack consists of three Slim Jim containers with vented channels, hinged and recycling lids, as well as stickers to clearly indicate which container is for which waste product. Because of their small footprint, Slim Jim containers will fit most environments, whether it be office space, corridors, areas of high footfall or by coffee machines and more

Features and Benefits

Three stream pack allows for mixed recycling, paper recycling and general waste
Slim Jim bins have bin liner cinches that secure the liner without the need for tying
Moulded handles allow for easier lifting and emptying
Moulded base grips allow for more controlled emptying of Slim Jim
Slim Jim also has moulded drag rim on the base of the container, providing improved durability for when container is dragged by used
Slim Jim's patent-pending venting channels reduce the force required to lift out full liners


Dimensions: W57 x H30 x D112cm
Material: Polyethylene