Recycling Bin Triple Compartment Recycling Bin Slim Jim Recycling Station Bundle 3 Stream - Landfill (grey)/ Paper (blue)/ Plastic (yellow)



Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station 3-Stream Kit Landfill (black)/ Paper (blue)/ Mixed Recycling (Green) An adaptable recycling solution offers a front-ofhouse look with smart functionality. Features and Benefits: • Components snap in place without the use of hardware • Venting channels for easy liner removal and a cinch grip to secure and hide liner bags 3-Stream Kit Includes: Base (Made of Polyethylene blend) Lid (Made of Polyethylene blend) Paper Slot Lid Insert (Blue) 2007890 Mixed Recycling (Green) 2007887 Connector (Made of Polypropylene) Billboard (Made of Polypropylene) Landfill (black) 2007910 Paper (blue) 2007909 Mixed Recyling (green) 2007908 Lid Insert (Made of Polypropylene) Extras Available: • Slim Jim® Recycling Station Lid Inserts Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Brown • Slim Jim® Recycling Station Billboards Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Brown • Waste Stream Label Kit