Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station Bundle 2 Stream - Landfill (grey)/ Paper (blue)



Slim jim® recycling station 2-Stream Kit Landfill (black)/ Paper (blue) An adaptable recycling solution offers a front-ofhouse look with smart functionality. Features and Benefits: • Components snap in place without the use of hardware • Venting channels for easy liner removal and a cinch grip to secure and hide liner bags 2-Stream Kit Includes: Base (Made of Polyethylene blend) Lid (Made of Polyethylene blend) Paper Slot Lid Insert (Blue) Connector (Made of Polypropylene) Billboard (Made of Polypropylene) Landfill (black)/ Paper (blue) Lid Insert (Made of Polypropylene) Extras Available: • Slim Jim® Recycling Station Lid Inserts Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Brown • Slim Jim® Recycling Station Billboards Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Dark Grey, Brown • Waste Stream Label Kit

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