Rubbermaid Slim Jim 2-Stream Recycling Station Bundle - General Waste/Mixed Recycling

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  • 2129601 - Rubbermaid Slim Jim 2-Stream Recycling Station Bundle - Landfill/Mixed Recycling
  • Rubbermaid Slim Jim 2-Stream Recycling Station Bundle - Landfill/Mixed Recycling - 2129601
  • Manufacturer's 5-year warranty mark
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The Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station is a reliable solution for effective waste separation in demanding environments. It includes two 87 litre Slim Jim containers known for their durability. Features and Benefits: - The components of this recycling station can withstand daily use in busy environments. - Built-in venting channels improve airflow and make it easier to remove liners, reducing the risk of worker injury. - Easy installation with components that snap into place effortlessly. - Integrated bag cinches allow quick and simple liner changes, preventing dropping or bunching during use. - Smooth plastic surfaces enable easy cleaning. - Tapered shape facilitates stacking for convenient storage in limited spaces. - Supplied with labels, billboards, and lid inserts that promote effective waste separation. - Comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty for guaranteed durability. Included with the Recycling Station: - 2 x Rubbermaid Slim Jim Containers in Grey - 2 x Container Lids - 2 x Lid Inserts (General Waste - Black, Mixed Recycling - Green) - 3 x Billboards (Black, Green) - Container Connector - Waste Stream Label Kit Specifications: - Capacity: 174L (2 x 87L) - Dimensions: W60.96 x H102.24 x D54.61cm - Base Dimensions: W53.34 x D38.73cm - Weight: 10.88kg - Base Material: Polyethylene - Lid Material: Polyethylene - Billboard Material: Polypropylene - Lid Insert Material: Polypropylene - Container Connector Material: Polypropylene - Colour: Grey
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