Wheelie Bin - 180 Ltr - Green



Wheelie Bin - 180 Litre – Green

Sometimes used by UK local councils for kerbside collections, the 180L Wheelie Bin serves as a smaller alternative to the 240L Wheelie Bin. With different colours serving different waste purposes, Green is often used for various recyclable materials including Garden Waste. However, we recommend that the acceptable size and colour of the waste container is confirmed with local authorities before purchase.

This Green 180L Wheelie Bin serves as the perfect replacement for damaged council bins, or as an additional container within which extra waste can be stored.

Features and Benefits

Produced using a compact injection moulding process that meets DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1 criteria
Formed from specially developed, high-density polyethylene that is designed to be hard wearing and durable, thus improving longevity
Stabilised against the effects of UV rays and resistant to temperature variations and chemicals
2x 20cm quiet-running, solid rubber wheels
Metal axle is resistant to corrosion due to zinc-plating
Smooth surfaces and contours enable easy cleaning
Lid is equipped with handles to facilitate easy opening of lid
Sturdy handle at rear of bin facilitates easy movement of container when empty or full
Bins can be stacked high due to sturdy stacking ribs, saving on space and transportation costs
Wheels can be easily changed in the unlikely event they become damaged
All parts of the wheelie bin can be recycled once container has reached the end of its useful life

Also available in Black and Blue

Optional Extras

Manual Lock (Extra charge added at checkout)
Slam Lock (Locks when pressed shut)
Confidential Package (Lock slot and deflector)
Wheelie Bin Lid Strap


Capacity: 180L
Dimensions: W48.5 x H106.3 x D71.2cm
Material: Polyethylene