Wheelie Bin - 360 Ltr - Lime Green



Wheelie Bin - 360 Litre – Lime Green

The 360L Lime Green Wheelie Bin is a heavy duty, hard wearing alternative to the 240L container and is ideal for larger households or businesses. Suitable for all types of waste, this bin can be emptied using a stepped comb-lifting device (shape A) due to its additional reinforced ribs. However, we do advise checking with your local authority to ensure that they accept the use of 360L containers for kerbside collections

Features and Benefits

Manufactured using a compact injection moulding process, the 360L wheelie bins are formed with a high molecular weight HDPE and in accordance with DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1
Designed to be resistant to UV rays, chemicals, frost and any other temperature
Fitted with 2x 20cm solid rubber wheels as standard
Steel axle is resistant to corrosion due to zinc-plating
Smooth surface and contours facilitate easy cleaning
Bins can be stacked high due to sturdy stacking ribs, saving on space and transportation costs
Sturdy handle at rear of bin facilitates easy movement of container when empty or full
Raised rim prevents water ingress during heavy rain
Adheres to EC directive 2000/14 EC and is marked with CE symbol and appropriate decibel rating

Also available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Moss Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White and Steel Grey

Optional Extras

Manual Lock (Extra charge added at checkout)
Slam Lock (Locks when pressed shut)
Confidential Package (Lock slot and deflector)
Wheelie Bin Lid Strap


Capacity: 360L
Dimensions: W85 x H109.5 x D62cm
Material: Polyethylene